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The Diversity if Fishes

Author(s) : Gene S. Helfman - Bruce B. Collette - Douglas E. Facey -
Collection Location :

Inland Fisheries Ecology and Management

Author(s) : R. L. Welcomme -
Collection Location :

The Global Climate System Patterns, Processes, and Teleconnections

Author(s) : Howard A. Bridgman and John E. Oliver -
Collection Location :

Global Warming, Understanding The Forecast

Author(s) : David Archer -
Collection Location :

Advances In Coastal and Ocean Enginering PIV and Water Waves

Author(s) : John Grue, Philip L.-F. Liu & Geir K. Pedersen -
Collection Location :

The Science and Politics of Global Climate Change, A Guide to the Debate

Author(s) : Andrew E. Dessler - Edward A. Parson -
Collection Location :

Invertebrate Surveys for Conservation

Author(s) : T. R. New -
Collection Location :