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Compromise The Ideal Path to Democracy

It is not new to see differences of opinion in democracy but there are ways of solving dissensions and differences. Compromise is one of the basic ingredients of democracy where political parties with various ideologies and interests have to compete to promote their interests. Democracy really means pluralism of ideas. Thus dissensions are natural in democratic society. "Democracy reflects the legitimacy of differences. It begins with compromise. A sound democracy depends on building a mechanism to balance the differences of society and formulation of rules to shape the habits, norms and behaviors that define the ability of citizens to govern their lives. The civic culture of a democratic state is shaped by the rational will of free and sovereign citizens and exercise of their rights and duties in public and private lives," writes Dev Raj Dahal in his foreword. "In democracy, political parties, civil society and interest groups involve in various exercises of bargaining, negotiation and consensus-building to optimize the sharing of power and express willingness to abide by the rules of the game.'


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