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Seminar Nasional Teori dan Aplikasi Teknologi Kelautan 2009

Marine archaeological resources located on the seabeds and alongside the coastlines are one of the cultural resources that including remains of human activities from the past. Marine archaeological resources as integral part of cultural heritage of humanity and a particularly important element in the history of peoples, contain various potentials not only in scientific and educational terms, but also in economic and social terms. However, since marine archaeological resources are categorized as un-renewable resources, they are susceptible from damage. The existence of marine archaeological resources is facing threats not only from natural factors, but also from human activities. Historically, Indonesian Archipelago was an important route of shipping and trade in its age, so a variety of marine archaeological remains such as ancient shipwrecks, war aircrafts wrecks, and old lighthouses can be found in many coastal areas and waters in Indonesia. Considering the importance of marine archaeological resources and all of their potentials, they should be protected and managed properly. Therefore, conservation efforts are needed to protect marine archaeological resources from deterioration and to preserve their long-term uses. This paper will first offer a review of marine archaeological conservation concepts. The authors then look at the threats marine archaeological resources are facing and the approaches of conservation and examples. Finally this paper will conclude by the opportunities and challenges of marine archaeological conservation in Indonesia.


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